About Us

Our Mission

Committed to improving the health and living conditions of Yemeni women and children through sustainable interventions; and through empowering youth to lead socio-economic development.

About Us

SOUl was founded in february 1997, by a group of Yemeni professionals out of their desire to achieve a higher quality of life for Yemeni women and children. The group was inspired to take tangible action after a series of discussions which sought to address developmental problems in Yemeni society. They also realized the impact that civil society could have on the development process of the nation. The organization launched its activities with a mandate to enhance social services.

Our Vision

Empowered communities for a better and sustained quality of life.


Quality, Integrity, Accountability, and Responsibility


Community-First Approach, Building Partnerships, Good Governance, Adaptive Capacity, Inclusiveness and Accessibility

  • Community First Approach

    SOUL gives precedence to empowering communities, which is key to sustainable human development. SOUL promotes “community-first approach”; where people are properly guided to become proactively involved to effectively help their communities succeed. SOUL advocates for equal rights and raises awareness on important social issues that affect society. SOUL empowers citizens through a collective participatory approach that enables communities’ voices to be heard and needs to be successfully achieved and sustained through self-reliance.

  • Good Governance

    Since establishment, SOUL has based its internal and external dealings on creating a foundation of good governance through its Constitution and set policies, procedures and bylaws. These govern its operations, establish rules for guidance to function with competence and efficiency, and assist in measuring institutional performance by establishing effective mechanisms for reporting, monitoring and evaluation, and forming fiscal policy and procedure. Good governance is the foundation on which SOUL was built on and will continue to enhance.

  • Building Partnerships

    It is through building trusted partnerships that SOUL, over the years, has been able to continuously expand its national reach, implementing development projects and interventions throughout the country. SOUL believes in building reliable and strong partnerships, on which the whole development community can collectively connect, grow and understand one another, bridging the gaps to serve society better. Partnerships create an avenue for growth in society by networking and sharing new knowledge and practices.

  • Adaptive Capacity

    SOUL with its steadfast but flexible approach can respond effectively to almost any circumstance and adjust to real or potential danger or damage. An integral part of SOUL’s project proposal development is to perform a “risk assessment”, which flags potential threats, from which possible mitigation measures are devised. SOUL’s years of experience and adaptive capacity enable the organization to continue and prosper in Yemen’s challenging environment.

  • Inclusiveness and Accessibility

  • Inclusivness

    ‘inclusiveness’ is key to sustainable human development, where all participants’ rights and responsibilities are recognized, and incorporated in the development process to create a better, more prosperous society for all. SOUL adopts a community participatory approach on which proposals are developed based on community needs while also taking into account the specific needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. .SOULfosters an all-inclusive environment, ensuring the active involvement of community leaders, professionals, and volunteers in all projects' activities. Thus, creating a platform for collective decision, participation, and ownership.

  • Accessibility

    SOUL values the importance of being accessible and responsive to the requirements, needs, and requests of all stakeholders, be they donors, partners, government representatives, or local communities. SOUL places emphasis on supporting and enhancing the participation of those who are most vulnerable and disadvantaged, based on age, gender, disability, and economic status. This is achieved through recognizing their rights, giving them a voice, and offering them services and a social platform to improve their access to education, work, professional development training, and health services. Additionally, in many projects, SOUL directly supports communities’ access to national networking and global communication via IT technology. This accessibility facilitates the social development process through IT platforms that foster knowledge sharing and learning experiences, and enhance direct access to key people and agencies.

Partners & Donors

Ministry of Water
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Education
Best Future Foundation
Access Foundation For Development
World Bank
Save the Children
USA Embassy
Netherlands Embassy