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SOUL For Development 16th St. of Rabat St. P.O. box 18383 Sana'a, Republic of Yemen

Tel: +967 1 474 732 / 33

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  • What does the word "SOUL" mean? Is it an acronym or a nickname? What does it stand for?

    The name SOUL is neither an acronym nor a nickname, and the letters do not have a particular meaning. The name SOUL was selected as it signifies a symbolic reference under which the organization was established. In Arabic, the word, ‘soul or spirit’ can mean “spiritual light that creates life from within”. SOUL founding members selected this name to symbolize that the NGO they were establishing, represented the change from within (the country), that they had envisioned. SOUL was one of the first fully independent, grassroots Yemeni NGOs, established by a group of dedicated professionals devoted explicitly to helping Yemeni women and children to have a better future.

  • Is SOUL an international organization?

    No, SOUL is not an international organization. SOUL is a Yemeni national organization licensed by the Government of Yemen.

  • What projects does SOUL implement?

    SOUL main goal in all of its projects is to empower communities to implement and sustain actions that meet their needs. This approach ensures that communities' needs are identified in close participation with the target communities and warrants their engagement throughout the project cycle. Mainly, SOUL implements projects which support women, children, and youth of Yemen. Its interventions focus on health and nutrition, education, and youth empowerment.

  • Does SOUL have branches in other governorates in Yemen?

    SOUL headquarter is located in Sana’a, and up until March 2020, SOUL continues to have representatives and projects’ offices in Dhamar, Ibb, Taiz, Aden, Al Maharah, and Al-Hudaydah Governorates.

  • What governorates does SOUL work in?

    SOUL's presence in governorates is based on the projects it implements. It has carried out projects in 19 out of the 22 governorates. Currently, it is implementing projects in Sana’a, Dhamar (5 districts), Ibb, Taiz (12 districts), Aden, Al Maharah, and Al Hudaydah Governorates Hudaydah Governorates.

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