• What does the word "SOUL" mean? Is it an acronym or a nickname? What does it stand for?

    The name SOUL is neither an acronym nor a nickname, and the letters do not have a particular meaning. The name SOUL was selected as it signifies a symbolic reference under which the organization was established. In Arabic, the word, ‘soul or spirit’ can mean “spiritual light that creates life from within”. SOUL founding members selected this name to symbolize that the NGO they were establishing, represented the change from within (the country), that they had envisioned. SOUL was one of the first fully independent, grassroots Yemeni NGOs, established by a group of dedicated professionals devoted explicitly to helping Yemeni women and children to have a better future.

  • Is SOUL an international organization?

    No, SOUL is not an international organization. SOUL is a Yemeni national organization licensed by the Government of Yemen.

  • What projects does SOUL implement?

    SOUL main goal in all of its projects is to empower communities to implement and sustain actions that meet their needs. This approach ensures that communities' needs are identified in close participation with the target communities and warrants their engagement throughout the project cycle. Mainly, SOUL implements projects which support women, children, and youth of Yemen. Its interventions focus on health and nutrition, education, and youth empowerment.

  • Does SOUL have branches in other governorates in Yemen?

    SOUL headquarter is located in Sana’a, and up until March 2020, SOUL continues to have representatives and projects’ offices in Dhamar, Ibb, Taiz, Aden, Al Maharah, and Al-Hudaydah Governorates.

  • What governorates does SOUL work in?

    SOUL's presence in governorates is based on the projects it implements. It has carried out projects in 19 out of the 22 governorates. Currently, it is implementing projects in Sana’a, Dhamar (5 districts), Ibb, Taiz (12 districts), Aden, Al Maharah, and Al Hudaydah Governorates Hudaydah Governorates.

  • Does SOUL have offices outside Yemen?

    No, SOUL does not have any offices outside Yemen; although SOUL has been selected over the years by some international organizations to coordinate and implement projects as a Yemeni NGO representative in the MENA Region.

  • Where does SOUL get its funding?

    The majority of SOUL’s projects are sponsored by international development institutions, such as UNICEF, OCHA, WFP, CARE, Save the Children, the World Bank, MEPI, Oxfam, SFD, and international embassies located in Yemen.

  • How does SOUL select its projects?

    SOUL selects and implements the projects it supports based on its specific institutional Strategic Focus Areas goals and objectives as outlined in its strategic Plans (2014-2018; 2020-2022). Every several years SOUL develops and implement a Strategic Plan, which clearly defines which focus areas it endorses and supports in its projects, programs, researches and studies. This approach allows SOUL to utilize its firsthand experience in the field to hyper- focus its attention on pertinent issues which affect the women, children, and youth of Yemen and helps to alleviate common problems particular to them.

  • What are the target beneficiaries of SOUL?

    SOUL targets women, children, and youth of all ages. These groups include community health volunteers, health workers, teachers, community leaders, NGOs employees, and Health and education ministries staff, to name a few.

  • How can I get a copy of SOUL's published materials?

    SOUL produces different types of materials including, its strategic plans, annual reports, studies, and researches. Other documents, such as project reports, IEC, projects-related studies, and assessments, are produced and distributed within a limited range and according to contracted project agreements. Usually, these materials are not made available for the general public. However, a copy can be provided upon request and on a case by case bases

  • Does SOUL offer financial assistance, grants, or donations?

    No, as an NGO, SOUL is not equipped to independently offer any form of individual or public financial assistance or charity. However, SOUL, through its Azal Microfinance Program, provides microfinance to selected participants. For more information on the selection criteria and types of microfinance and other services available, please visit AZAL website https://www.azal-ye.com/en

  • Does SOUL work with local partners in the implementation of its project?

    Yes, SOUL usually works with local partners in cases where the project is implemented in many districts, or more than one governorate, or when it is a multi-year project to share its experience and build the capacities of local NGOs.

  • Are there any specific criteria for partners' selection?

    Yes, SOUL has specific criteria for partner selection for project implementation. SOUL partners with like-minded organizations, which understand and support SOUL’s mission is essential for project success. Additional criteria include relevant expertise and institutional capacity, strong community presence, its scope of work, previous and relevant professional experience, and willingness to work in collaboration with other organizations. SOUL ensures that all its partnerships are based on shared values of openness, transparency, trust, and mutual respect.

  • What does SOUL request from its partners?

    SOUL requires that all partners at all levels (government, local, private, and international) support and collaborate in the project implementation, honor, and adhere to the partnership contract. SOUL expects its partners to follow the agreed-upon administrative and financial procedures. Additionally, SOUL believes that all involved should work together to overcome any obstacles the projects may face and actively engage the targeted communities to ensure the success and sustainability of the project's outcomes.

  • How can I make a complaint or provide feedback?

    SOUL has a Feedback and Complaint Mechanism (FCM) that enable all its beneficiaries, partners, and employees to lodge a complaint or submit feedback anonymously if they wish via this link https://ee.humanitarianresponse.info/x/#ozhbObMx. There are also other channels for filing a complaint including free hotline number ( 8001717) during business hours (Sunday –Thursday 8:00 am -3:30 pm) , or via email: [email protected] or through SOUL’s website. All received complaints are addressed within seven business days from submission.

  • Can I work as a volunteer at SOUL's office or in one of its projects?

    Yes, SOUL has a Volunteer Program and does recruit volunteers both at its HQ and its projects’ offices in other governorates based on needs. Volunteer selection, like any professional job opportunity, is based on many issues, such as: the actual professional needs of the institution and the skills required for the projects being implemented, the volunteer’s personal and professional qualifications, skills and previous experience as well as, their own needs, requirements and expectations from the program.

  • What skills or experience do I need to volunteer at SOUL?

    The skills required for a volunteer varies depending on the type of volunteer opportunity advertised. University degree is the minimum requirement for volunteering at SOUL. Prior experience is a plus, but not essential

  • Is there a limited time period for working as a volunteer at SOUL?

    Yes, three months is the maximum period to work as a volunteer at SOUL.

  • How can I apply to volunteer at SOUL?

    You can apply to volunteer at SOUL any time using the following link: https://rebrand.ly/hbmv3s6 You will be contacted once an opportunity is available that meet your qualifications.

  • Does SOUL provide training for volunteers?

    No, SOUL does not provide specific training for volunteers. However, it gives them priority to attend any in-house training held during the volunteering period.

  • Does SOUL accept interns?

    Yes, SOUL does accept interns to work at SOUL's HQ in Sana'a or at one of its branches in the governorates. To be considered as an intern, a formal letter must be submitted by a legally recognized and licensed university or educational institute. The application letter should specify the objective of the internships, period, and preferred location. The letter can be sent to SOUL’s HR Department at the following email: [email protected]

  • If I work as a volunteer or intern at SOUL, would I have a better opportunity to be selected for a position at SOUL?

    Some of our projects’ employees did start out as volunteers or interns. SOUL advertises jobs vacancies in regular bases. These jobs opportunities are open for all qualified applicants. A SOUL volunteer or intern may take precedence over other candidates as their experience with SOUL is taken into account when evaluating their application for employment. However, they have also to show that they possess the qualifications and skills needed for the job. As well working at SOUL, at any level, can help with one’s professional endeavors and goals, opening up opportunities and exposure to other organizations and agencies (governmental, national, international, private sector etc.), which work in the development sector.

  • How do I apply for a job at SOUL?

    SOUL always advertises all job opportunities on its website and its social media platforms. It also posts vacancies in Yemen-HR. Follow SOUL’s website, Facebook page, and LinkedIn for information on job vacancies.

  • How can I help?

    Thank you for your interest in helping SOUL. As a non-profit NGO, we greatly appreciate and accept donations. There are several different ways you can help SOUL as an organization; these are: • A direct donation by cash or in-kind contributions (financial, equipment, etc.). • Following, posting, and sharing our posts and tweets through our website, Facebook page, and Twitter. • As a learning organization, SOUL is very interested in and appreciates all feedback that will contribute to its learning and growth. You can send us a line through our inquiry page in the website or via this feedback form https://ee.humanitarianresponse.info/x/#ozhbObMx • Become a SOUL team member by signing up as a volunteer, intern, or apply for a vacancy as a staff member for the organization to work on one of our many projects, programs, researches, and studies. • Support SOUL by joining one of the many classes offered at SOUL’s Community Learning & Development Center (CLDC). Contact a CLDC representative for further information about the training programs and courses offered at SOUL’s Community Learning & Development Center. – Telephone: +967 737 318 014 or check the latest training opportunities CLDC offers at this link https://www.facebook.com/CLDCSOUL/ If you still have further questions, enquiries or requests that were not answered above, a SOUL representative would be happy to assist you. Please contact via one of the above mentioned channels.