SOUL - Health
Tue. 19 Mar. 2019

Strategic Focus Area


Health issues for both women and children have always been a priority for SOUL. Hence, the Strategic Plan will continue to focus on Maternal Child Health (MCH), with an emphasis on nutrition and family planning, especially targeting women, children and youth.

Overall Goals

  • Contribute to improving maternal and child health in Yemen.
  • Contribute to decreasing infant, child and maternal mortality rates.

Specific Objectives

  • Provide quality health awareness and education on related health issues.
  • Build the capacity of stakeholders, both individual and institutional.
  • Advocate for relevant policy changes which will contribute to improving MCH.
  Ongoing Projects
 Project Title  Donor  Project Cycle  
Promoting Samll Family Norms in Yemen
Dutch Embassy

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The Formative Research Study (FRS) on >2 yrs Children (U2), Pregnant & Lactating Women (PLW)

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Safe Motherhood Program (SMP) World Bank 2009 UP to date
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  Previous Projects
  Project Title  Donor  Project Cycle  
Community Based Nutrition Interventions

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Nutrition: Provide Life Saving Therapeutic Nutrition Interventions For <5 Children, as well as PLW.
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
Improved Drinking Water Management Care International 2009-2011  
Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Project Middle East Partnership
International. (MEPI)
Anti-Qat Campaign Qatar Charitable Association 2007
Breast Feeding Promotion Program Al Aa’oun Foundation for Development 2007-2008
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Breast Feeding Promotion Program Islamic Bank For Development 2003  
Community Based Integrated Development Program Oxfam 2002-2003  
Breast Feeding Promotion Program SFD 2002  
Traditional Midwives Training  SFD  2001-1998  
Traditional Midwives Training SFD & British Council  2000 - 1999  
Breast Feeding Promotion Program British Embassy 1998  
The Development of Educational Material for
Children About Rational Drug Use
Yemen Drug Action Program- YemDAP 1997
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