SOUL - Child Rights
Tue. 19 Mar. 2019

Strategic Focus Area

Child Rights

 Child Protection and Participation
SOUL has always supported health and educational issues for children; ultimately having an overall positive influence on their basic rights. SOUL supports CRC and has become more active in specifically advocating for children’s rights as they pertain to their overall protection and participation. The Strategic Plan will focus on building a childfriendly environment that enhances the realization of child rights; through capacity building of stakeholders, as well as, advocating and lobbying for institutional policy change.

Overall Goals

  • Contribute to building a generation capable of participating actively in the society.
  • Raise societal awareness to better understand, value and support children’s rights.

Specific Objectives

  • Contribute to the advancement of children’s rights through raising public awareness and advocating and lobbying for policy changes within relevant institutions.
  • Contribute to the creation of a participatory environment to solicit and incorporate children’s voices on issues that affect them.
  • Research the present status of children’s rights in Yemen and create a preliminary pool of information, for the purpose of knowledge sharing and dissemination.
  • Support children’s rights through building the capacity and ensuring the commitment of stakeholders; both individuals (duty-bearers/ care-providers), as well as with relevant institutions.
  • Contribute to building and promoting a protection system within society, especially targeting the school system.
 Early Childhood Development
SOUL is one of the first NGOs in Yemen to invest in the importance of supporting and promoting ECD issues. ECD, within the context of its own design, creates an amenable platform on which to support child rights issues. SOUL’s Strategic Plan will continue to advocate for the importance of ECD techniques and promote its use, both institutionally and individually.

Overall Goal
To create favorable conditions for holistic development (physical, intellectual, psychological and social) of children between the age of 0-8years, in the target communities in a sustainable way.

Specific Objectives

  • Participate in building the capacity of stakeholders; both institutional and individual (parents, teachers, caregivers etc.) in ECD.
  • Raise societal awareness on the importance of significant investment in ECD with focus on:teachers, parents, and caregivers.
  • Advocate for relevant policy and procedure changes which will contribute to improving child development and growth.
 Ongoing Projects
 Project Title  Donor  Project Cycle
Integrating a Mandatory Initial Course and an
Optional Specialized Course on Child Protection in Police Schools in Yemen
2013 - 2014
Mareb: Teacher Training on Child Rights Principles
Australian Aid
2013 - 2014
Youth Learning for Responsible Citizenship
USA Embassy
2013 - 2014
Youth Learning for Responsible Citizenship
2013 – 2014


 Previous Projects
 Project Title  Donor  Project Cycle
Promoting Child Rights in the Arab World and
Providing Children with a Protective and Supportive Environment Developmental Action Without Borders
Save the Children
2013 - 2013
Engendering the Yemeni National Dialogue World Bank 2013
Youth Learning for Change Middle East Partnership
2012- 2013
Child Protection and Participation Towards Future
Active Citizens and Violence Prevention in Schools
UNICEF 2012 - 2013
Third Party Monitoring –Al-Jawf UNICEF 2012-2013
Women Business Ownership Training - WBOT SMPES 2012- 2012
Learning for Active Citizenship Middle East Partnership
International. (MEPI)
Child Health & Nutrition : Everyone Campaign Save Children International 2012-2013
Youth Development Project Vision Hop 2011-2012
Our Empowering Schools Australian Aid 2011-2012
Yemeni Youth Voices Royal Netherlands Embassy 2010-2012
Child to Child Approach : Monitoring and
Follow-up Component by Soul
UNICEF 2009-2010
Human Rights Documentation Methodologies The Center of Arab Woman
for Training and Research
Software-Component Program for Construction
of School Facilities for Basic Education in Sana’a
Associates, Inc. & Fund from the Japanese 2006-2010
Promoting Women›s and Children›s Rights in Hajjah Governorate European Commission(EC) 2008-2010
From Child to Child Project Qatar Charitable Association 2007
Establishment of Manarat Sana’a International School Nama’a International Company For Educational Services 2006
Early Childhood Development Program UNICEF 2005-2008
Protection of Street Children in Yemen European Commission-
Humanitarian Aid (ECHO)
Improving School Management Training Project British Council 2005
«Environmental Health In Schools» Training Program SFD 2002-2003