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Studies & research

Studies and researches are one of SOUL's areas of expertise and are almost always a key component to all of the projects and programs that it has implemented over the last decade. Since its establishment, SOUL has conducted multiple independent studies, representing a broad scope of social-development fields/sectors.
 List of SOUL’s Main Studies
 Studies  Donor Agencies  Date
Country Profile Report of Yemen

A Review of the Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Save the Children-Sweden
Impact Evaluation of Urban Water Supply and
Sanitation in Yemen-Amran and Zabid
Kreditanstalt Für
Reconstruction Credit Institute
Impact Evaluation of Urban Water Supply and
Sanitation in Yemen-Amran and Zabid
World Bank
Follow-up Assessment of HIV School- Based Interventions UNICEF 2008-2009
Impact Evaluation of Netherlands Assisted Projects in Water Supply and Sanitation Dhamar and Hodeidah Governorates Amsterdam International Institute
for Development

Social Fund for Development Projects Impact Evaluation Study Social Fund for Development
Assessment of Internet for Yemen High Schools.
USAID’s Dot-Edu Mechanism Under Funding from MEPI
Investment Climate Assessment in Yemen Study World Bank 2005
Assessment of Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs About HIV/ AIDS Among Young People Residing in High Risk Communities in Aden Governorate
Assessment Study «Knowledge, Practices and Attitudes of Female Beneficiaries› Level of Satisfaction with their Services Social Fund for Development
Child Rearing Practices Study UNICEF 2004
A Study on Barriers Preventing Yemeni Females from Using Information and Communication Technologies Education Development Center 2004
A Study on «Participatory Rapid Appraisal of Children in Marginalized Zones» Radda Barnen 2003
Baseline Survey for the «Yemen Adult Life Skills and Literacy Education» CARE 2003
Primary Study» Child Development Project» UNICEF 2002-2003
Institutional Assessment of Local Women›s NGOs in Yemen CARE 2002
Social Assessment of the «Impact Of Photo Voltaic Energy in Rural Yemen World Bank 1999
Baseline Study on the Knowledge, Attitude and
Practice of the Yemeni Community with Regards
to Maternal and Child Health Family Planning Services
European Commission 1999
A Study on «The Most Effective Media Means Among the Yemeni Public» World Bank 1998
Baseline Study «Girls Dropout Rates From Primary and Secondary Education» World Bank 1997-1998