SOUL - Volunteers Program
Tue. 19 Mar. 2019

Long Terms Projects

Volunteers Program

SOUL has always supported the concept of volunteerism and has recognizes the immense impact that community based volunteers can have on project implementation and sustainability. In such, SOUL has within its present organizational plans to develop a fullystructured pro-active volunteer program.Over the years, SOUL has gained a reputation as a highly professional and well-respected organization, which attracts an increasing number of volunteers. This requires a tremendous effort and commitment on behalf of the organization to become ‘the partner of choice’ for all its various stakeholders, including volunteers.

The main objective of the volunteer program is to contribute to promoting the importance and practice of structured volunteerism, which aims to: a) increase the level of engagement, particularly of young people from the communities being served, hence increasing community acceptance and participation, b) give communities a chance to contribute effectively in making their own development interventions and c) give young people a chance to gain new experiences and knowledge; especially those that are relevant in the area of community development. The program will include, establishing an easy and accessible application process, adopting clear and transparent selection criteria,providing training upon admission and applying a rewarding recognition system to improve volunteer retention and expand their involvement to all activities. The idea is to make volunteering a mutually beneficial experience for both SOUL and the volunteers.