Kholood Khaled Abdullah

Kholood Khaled Abdullah Oct 10, 2018

This project added many things to me, and changed my life. After i was depending on my parents, now, I am totally self-independent. "The upper hand is better than the lower hand", was the statement that changed my life. I opened my own project, started with a capital of 5000 RY, selling Alshbizah and sweets. It was successful but the profit was not enough. Then, I thought about having a partnership with someone else to make the work easier and more effective. So ,I corporate with my aunt .She is a designer. She gives me products like children's dresses, dressing, bars of SOAP and incense.

I take the customers' orders and send them to my aunt to to adjust it based on the customers request. I bought gold, my own personal needs and I save the rest of my profits to open a small shop.